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  • Hire the right contractor –Your contractor should have a great reputation, experience, and be easy to work with.  A NARI professional adds the approval of the nation’s largest remodeling association.
  • Spend time to plan – Think about the work you are considering, what needs it will meet now or in the future.
  • Consider all your options – make sure you have a comprehensive idea of the products that are available.
  • Use good products – Inferior products will never keep you happy, nor is there always a need for the best or most expensive.  Good products pay for themselves with good appearance and long service.
  • Don’t over extend yourself on a Do-it-Yourself project.  Think about how many nights and weekends a project will “cost” you.  Know when to call the professionals.
  • Start a job at the right time – Consider adequate planning time and ordering time – cabinets can take 8 weeks for delivery!  Consider how construction may be affected by weather, or restrict the use of your home.
  • Watch out for the Domino Effect – this can be a budget killer.  If you want to consider more remodeling work after your project is started or nearing completion, remember to go through the same careful planning process that you started with.
  • Manage your budget – There can be additional expenses in remodeling caused by hidden conditions outside anyone’s control.  Many experts consider 10% a reasonable reserve for these possible surprises.
  • Be aware of “over remodeling” – this may be a consideration if you want to sell your house to recoup money spent on remodeling.
  • Know your rights!  A contract should contain a clear description of the work, a timetable for payments, and product specifications.  Make sure you read and understand the contract.
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Providing peace of mind through planning,
craftsmanship and dedication to value.

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