Have you outgrown the space in your current home? Do you love your neighborhood but hate the thought of having to pack and move to a larger home? Do you need to make room for your in-laws or your in-home office? We have the solution:  Put an addition on your home.
Adding on to your home is the best way to increase property value,  upgrade your living conditions, and get the additional space you’ve been needing. An addition lets you transform your home into a perfect fit for your lifestyle, your family, and your taste.
R&M will walk you through each process step by step. We understand that the key to a successful addition project is to understand the needs you have upfront, and then plan for them. We help with all stages, from the design, to the material selection process, to the construction, and finishing. We aim to keep everything according to a detailed project timeline and budget that you approve.



We handle all types of additions, including:

  • Attic conversions can bring in much needed light and ventilation for comfort and usability of the space
  • Bump-out additions serve to enlarge an existing room such as a kitchen or bathroom
  • New room additions create an entirely new room, such as for an office or sun room
  • Second-story additions provide an extra level of living space
  • Extra Garages with living space or storage above it