Echoes of 1998

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This blog post has been 25 years in the making – even though 25 years ago not many people had written or heard of a blog. It was March of 1998 when we ventured into business, with hopes and dreams still intact, and jitters that are now just a memory. At the time, the only Google was Barney and most phones had a cord that kept us in place.

As Captain Obvious would say, “A lot has changed,” and we’ve certainly had to adapt to changing times – which brought us new products, new skills to develop, and many opportunities to learn and grow. Some times were tough, and we got through them together, but more often the times were good, and through it all we did our best to count our blessings.

We’ve met many wonderful people along the way – teammates, clients, and suppliers. Customers kept us coming back for more projects, we watched children grow up, and were there as needs changed and spaces were reimagined. We’ve worked with many talented tradespeople too and appreciated their depth of knowledge and commitment to their craft.

We won’t presume to know what the future will bring, but we plan to keep remodeling – it’s what we know, and what we do best. After all – maybe if this blog was written next year, it would be done by Chat GPT- things change! But the most important message we have is “Thank You!” We couldn’t have done it without the support of so many people through all these years. We mark this milestone with good thoughts of all the people who have been a part of our lives for so many years. Thank you.


Ron Riker

R&M Construction Co.

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